Our Care

A brief note of advice

The formal ceremony is of little value or comfort if you are left with the feeling that something, no matter what, has been left out. Whilst this may seem unlikely at this time with all the different things that seemingly need to be done, remember that there is no need to hurry anything. A hasty decision may lead to regrets for a long time to come.

While in a quiet moment you have time to reflect on the arrangements you have made, keep a pencil and paper close at hand, because there are bound to be questions which will need an answer, points which may have been overlooked, such as the special meaning shared between you as to the use of a particular road or view, which could easily be worked into the route to the funeral service. You may have a special memento or treasured item of special meaning that you would like placed in the coffin. Perhaps even clothing of special significance which only you know about.

Image No matter what the question or the query, make sure you ask, don't be afraid, you won't be considered foolish. It is, after all, a very important occasion and all needs to be right.

The arrangements made cannot be altered after the service has taken place. They can though be changed in any way you like before that time. So no matter whether you want to add to the service to be provided or amend it, or reduce the commitment in any way, please just ask. The service available to you knows no bounds. It is available throughout the day or night and over weekends as well. Anything and everything is possible.

In the days, weeks, months and years ahead, the prospect of which can appear bleak after a bereavement, you may find you have need for friendship or advice. Remember, you always have a friend in us and certainly we can help with advice and put you in touch with all those who can help and support you in difficult times.