Ongoing Care

When you lose someone you love or deeply care about the feelings can overwhelm you.

If you are involved in dealing with the arrangements that follow you can often be the person everyone else relies on. You have to be the strong one and often are the one that pushes away emotions in order to soldier on.

When all is going on around you it can feel that you are watching yourself do all these things, many things that you could not imagine you would ever have to do.

Going through such loss can become overwhelming and confusing and can leave you in an anxious place especially where you feel on your own.

Having such a loss means that you will go through different emotions many of which you may have not had before. You can be left feeling confused, angry or become depressed and not wish to face the world.

It can take many months or even years to accept what has happened.

In the difficult days and weeks following the funeral, we at Alexander Burn are still here for you. You count count upon us for a friendly face and a sympathetic ear. Sometimes its good to know that there is someone there for you. Someone who knows something of what you have been through, who remains impartial and non-judgemental. Someone who is respectful, understanding, and who appreciates the importance of confidentiality.

In some cases, this may not be enough and perhaps professional help can be of benefit. Having counselling can mean that there is a safe place for you to offload and vent your feelings. You will not be judged by what you say and will able to talk freely without feeling that you are affecting others. We are able to make suggestions as to who to contact in order to set up some counselling if you feel this might help.

There is no prescribed route through grief. It is perhaps the price we pay for loving someone we lose. But please remember that your journey does not have to be faced alone.

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