Prepayment Plans

At Alexander Burn we understand the increasing interest in funeral pre-payment.

Like many things, funeral costs have been increasing year after year.† Due to the diminishing availability of burial space and the need by crematoria to meet stringent EC regulations, combined with increased fees for doctors and clergy, funeral costs have increased ahead of inflation.

So it is not surprising that many people in the UK have now planned and paid for their funerals in advance. By doing so they have demonstrated their thoughtfulness and care for their family and friends by removing not only the burden of funeral costs, but also easing the stress of making the arrangements.

Over 500,000 people have done so through Golden Charter, a British company, which is one of the UK's largest funeral plan providers.* Over 3,000 independent owned and run funeral directors throughout the UK now accept Golden Charter plans and recommend them to the families they serve.

Why? Because a funeral plan from Golden Charter covers all of the funeral director's services included in the plan at today's prices – no matter how far into the future they are required. This means that the funeral director can guarantee the family will never be asked to pay more money for the services the client has selected.


Why Golden Charter?

Golden Charter is the leading plan provider* to the independent funeral sector in the UK.

The company was formed in 1989 to provide independent funeral directors with nationally available pre-paid funeral plans.

The company has established the largest funeral planning network in the UK. Over 3,000 independent funeral directors throughout the country accept Golden Charter funeral plans.

Golden Charter is an independent, British-owned and run company. In March 2006 the SAIF Charter Association acquired a 100% shareholding in Golden Charter and the company is now effectively owned by the independent funeral directors it serves.

Golden Charter plans allow the public freedom of choice in the selection of a funeral director and are the only plans to be recommended by the National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF). SAIF exclusively represents independent funeral directors. The independent sector conducts around 60 % of the funerals in the UK.

Golden Charter is a registered provider of the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA).

A Golden Charter plan holder is guaranteed that, once the plan is fully paid, their relatives or estate will not be asked for another penny for the funeral director’s services included in the plan, i.e. the costs within the control of the funeral director.

A Golden Charter plan enables the plan holder to make provision for all the costs involved in a funeral. There are some third party costs, known as disbursements, that are not within the control of the funeral director. Only if these costs increase beyond the increase allowed for in the plan might there be a balance to pay at the time of need.

†SunLife Cost of Dying Report 2017
*Based on recent market share of funeral plans sold. For details please see Funeral Planning Authority statistics 2017 at and Golden Charter Annual Report 2016/17 at