Our Services

You can call us by telephone at any time or you can call at our office or alternatively we can call to see you at home. Together, we will go through all the necessary arrangements step by step, taking into consideration your wishes and requirements and, where appropriate, the expressed wishes of the deceased. This will ensure that everything receives the attention to detail that is so important at this time.

On the day, we will be in attendance throughout the proceedings to ensure the smooth running of events. All arrangements made for a funeral are confirmed in writing so that the details may be checked and agreed. At the same time, an estimate of the complete costs will be submitted showing payments to be made on your behalf.

We would be pleased to act as your professional advisor and confidant and we will be responsible for the efficiency and dignity of the funeral arrangements. Our role is not always readily apparent but some of our duties may include:


  • Personal meetings to receive instructions and discuss arrangements
  • Liaison and confirmation of arrangements with clergy, church, cemetery or crematorium
  • Completing and forwarding legal documentation to the appropriate authority
  • Arranging for the completion of medical certificates for cremation
  • Insertion of any press announcements
  • Arranging for the production of service sheets
  • Arranging for the purchase and preparation of the grave
  • Preparation and retention of confidential files regarding funeral arrangements for those who wish to make enquiries in advance
  • Retaining detailed records of each funeral for future reference by the family if required


  • Arranging for the conveyance of the deceased to our premises any time of the day or night
  • Providing transport to the Registrar if required
  • Care and preparation of deceased
  • Supply and fitting of the coffin or casket
  • Supply of the necessary bearers
  • Arranging for the removal of the memorial stone for a burial (if applicable)
  • Provision of the hearse and limousines as required
  • Arranging for the dispersal or interment of cremated remains


  • Advice on the selection of suitable hymns, music and readings
  • Liaison with the Police and Coroner where necessary
  • Assistance and advice on claiming from the Social Fund
  • Arranging for catering either at home or elsewhere
  • Assistance in ordering and the receipt and care of floral tributes
  • Receipt, listing and distribution of charitable donations
  • Provision of attendance cards for mourners to complete
  • Advice on the redemption of insurance policies

On the day

  • Professional attendance and supervision throughout the funeral
  • Provision of the hearse and limousines as required
  • Payment of all fees and disbursements relating to the funeral
  • Payment of honoraria and gratuities as directed


  • Repatriation both to and from abroad
  • We can arrange brain donation
  • We can arrange donating one's body to medical science
  • We can arrange burial at sea
  • We can arrange woodland funerals
  • We can arrange military funerals